PunFoods Story

I am passionate about my products because love and laughter go into creating each and every item.  Not only was there a ton of thought put into the creation of each pun, but the selection of the quality of food provided was equally important.  I believe staying healthy includes not only eating well but keeping laughter as an essential part of your life. 

From the beginning, I was destined to turn my can-do attitude into creating a tasty and uplifting snack product that everyone could enjoy.  Humor has always played a part in my family dynamic, and the ability to create party favors associated with hilarious puns and delicious food was exactly my intentions with PunFoods. 

I consider myself a master of the “Pun,” constantly challenging family and friends to “pun-offs”.  I have always enjoyed throwing parties for my friends and family and understand the proper steps to making it successful.  At PunFoods, I believe our snack bags are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests, while reminding them of the fun that was had.    

I hope you love my ideas as much as I do!  If you have a question, special request or suggestion,  I'd love to hear from you:  aimee@punfoods.com