My “Non-Resolutions” for 2016

I find that declaring my non-resolutions the last week of the New Year seems appropriate.  I mean it only makes sense, right?  You may ask yourself "What's a non-resolution anyway?"   As I dig down deep into my land of made-up terms, the best way to describe them is instead of looking for ways on how we can improve our life mishaps, unfortunates, and "shoulda, coulda, wouldas", why not embrace them? 

So, to all those with an adversity to resolutions, here’s my list of 2016 Non-Resolutions:

  1. I will continue to pay my gym membership and not go. 
  2. Walking down every isle at Target will remain a necessity in 2016.
  3. My eminent shout out after dropping my boys off at school on a Monday morning will remain “Free at last, free at last!  Thank God Al Mighty, I’m free at last!”....or at least until 3pm.
  4. Yes, my diet will start on Monday.
  5. I stand by my justification for a glass of wine (or two) on Thursday nights. 
  6. Yoga pants will continue to be my every day attire – I mean, they’re practically my work uniform.
  7. Retail therapy will unquestionably remain a must for 2016.
  8. Real Housewives (no matter what city) is a definite must watch each week.
  9. I will continue to make to-do lists on 20 different cute notepads and not complete any of the items…I mean I only really buy them because they are so darn cute. #erincondren
  10. In 2016, I will hold firmly on to my personal aversion to Zumba.

So I ask you to channel your inner non-resolution self and determine yours for judgement if you announce them mid-year.   For all those Non-Planners and of course those Planners (don’t hate for my delay), Happy New Year!



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