For the Love of Puns, Lionel Richie and Food

And we’re off!  PunFoods has launched our new website!  For those of you wondering how this whole idea came to fruition, let me tell you a little bit about a few of my obsessions.  Some are odd for a thirty- something year old, yes I know….but I just can’t help myself.  I’ve always been a little obsessed with Lionel Richie.  I mean Hello, how can you not love his music?  His songs have always come so Easy to me.   I can listen to them All Night Long.  Ok, I digress…back to PunFoods.  

A couple of years ago, knowing my love for this Brickhouse, a good friend of mine sent me a picture of brie with Lionel Richie’s face and the words, “Hello, Is it Brie You are Looking For”?  I thought how brilliant!  Three of my favorite things….Lionel, food and puns.   I called my husband and said, "wouldn’t it be a great idea to offer snack foods associated with a pun?"  He loved the idea and the name immediately came to me…PunFoods!

A few years later, our dream to launch this company has come true.  We have created party favors for any of life’s celebrations that are sure to make your guests laugh, snack and enjoy!  Just as we have carefully selected appropriate puns, we have also put a lot of time and thought into the quality of the snacks.  We hope you and your guests enjoy them as much as we do!

So here’s to three of my loves – Lionel, food and puns…..I’ll always be Stuck on You!

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