Our First Event

We had the pleasure of debuting PunFoods at my dad's retirement party...honoring his 29 years of service in the FBI.  Yeah, I know he's my dad so of course he's my first client, but isnt that what parents do?  They are your first everything.  Your first love, first teacher, first friend, and first role model.
The “Happy Trails to You” snack bag is the perfect party favor for a retirement party and at this particular event, it was a hit!  Offering a blend of nuts, dried fruits and chocolate, the trail mix provided a snack that satisfied everyone’s taste buds.  Although it was an opportunity for me to promote my party favors, the real pleasure was being with the people we love and cherish the most in our lives!
In addition to the party favors being a success, the party was filled with family, friends, co-workers, and most importantly love and laughter.  It was an amazing opportunity to bring everyone together.  This is exactly what PunFoods is truly all about!

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