Top Ten Favorite Food Puns

Food and puns...they go together like Hall and Oats.  If you know me, you know I love food...and a good pun.    In honor of one of my favorite combos, here's a list of the top ten funniest food puns:


2.  Sorry, I know this is cheesy....just couldn't pass it up.

3.  Hahaha....choo

4.  #punfoods (insert shameless plug)

5.  Duh!

6.  One for my girls!

7.  Wonder if I could get extra noodles if I suggested they changed their name to Pho-nomnomnom.


9.  Poor Mr. Bowtie.  I wouldn't be surprised if the other two are impastanators.  

10.  Sweet Potato...better than a hot potato.

Send me your favorite food puns!  

To submit your puns, just enter info under our Contact page at  After you enter your name and email, add your favorite food pun under the "Comments" section.  I'll post my favorite food pun submissions in a future blog!

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